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2HYPE House plays simon says basketball! Each member gets a turn to be simon in this basketball challenge
JSR ( second channel )
Simon says basketball #1
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Craziest ankle breaker ever
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Mar 9, 2020




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Jesser 10 months ago
Hey guys! sorry for not posting this last week I have been posting every other day on my JSR (Second channel) go subscribe us-first.info
ツツJOJO 4 months ago
Bfhrydx. Vswe2k21
Ryan Lewis
Ryan Lewis 7 months ago
❤️😂❤️😂 yo vids
Shane Sims
Shane Sims 9 months ago
when Zack said dribble to me and he did not say Simon says Mopi was about to dribble to Zack bc Mopi's left leg was going towards him for a quick sec and then he relized what Zack said so at that point mopi should have been out by then
Shane Sims
Shane Sims 9 months ago
u said dribble the ball one time u never said simon says so everybody is out at that point
Cama Meach
Cama Meach 5 days ago
Do you hate mopi
Cama Meach
Cama Meach 5 days ago
Jesser your my favorite US-firstr
Dylan Foskieth
Dylan Foskieth 12 days ago
1:31 when you get caught picking your nose
Hide Sports And puppets
Kris said last one not to make a layup wins so Jesse won that round 3:33
Beast Wood
Beast Wood 16 days ago
6:37 look at Jiedels push-ups😂
Adam Sheikh
Adam Sheikh 16 days ago
You said last one to make a layuP is a winner
Walter Tsang
Walter Tsang 17 days ago
Jidel dya seamon dya
Walter Tsang
Walter Tsang 17 days ago
Jesser what is seamon
Baraka Nyachieo
Baraka Nyachieo 18 days ago
Don’t bully mopi
Chizzy 22 days ago
And how is this Lebron Simon says?😆
Alicia Pielsticker
Alicia Pielsticker 24 days ago
This was so epic.
Heidi Sarver
Heidi Sarver 26 days ago
Kris said last one to make a layup wins so jesser won that round
JP Hoops
JP Hoops Month ago
why yall always bullying the little guy trying to steal it from him 🤣🤣
Tyga Tyga
Tyga Tyga Month ago
Notice how he said that last one to make it wins smh
Hima Naidu
Hima Naidu Month ago
3:36-3:38 zack won because Jesse already was Simon
Tip Buddy Gaming
ik kris said "last one to make a layup right there is the winner!"
Dan Espiritu
Dan Espiritu Month ago
i died in 3:46 hahahahahah😂😂😂😂😂
Henry Darker
Henry Darker Month ago
They make half courts look easy me When I shoot a half court:oof wait GREEN LETS GO
Henry Darker
Henry Darker Month ago
I know I’m late but when Jeidel got out he looked so upset 😭😭😭 on the first one
TJizzle901 Month ago
Mitchell said line up on the baseline then said I’ll give him(Zack) time he could be deaf😂😂😂
Chickfacejr1234 That’s my user on roblox
Jesser actually won the second round Kris said last one to make it wins
Liem Nations
Liem Nations Month ago
Yeah he said that he said last to make a lay up on that hoop is the winner
Joe Roe
Joe Roe Month ago
Bruh at the end perfecto
D4mage sucks
D4mage sucks 2 months ago
Jiedel: Semen says make a layup on that basket Zack:WHO!!!
Cj The gamer
Cj The gamer 2 months ago
I think Chris said is last one to make it is the winner and Zack made it first so Jester technically one that one
Roberts Binciņš
Roberts Binciņš 2 months ago
Ok in the 2nd round actually jasser won bc he said last to make a lay up is the winner not last to make lay up losses
Sean Mauzy
Sean Mauzy 2 months ago
It’s cool how Jesse said to go to the baseline and he just walked to it then at the end he mad a big step James was just chilling
Codaway G
Codaway G 2 months ago
lol kris "last to make the layup wins"
Eric Jones
Eric Jones 2 months ago
we're do you guys live
Burls 2 months ago
Did any one notice he said last one to do a lay up is winner so who got it first loses
Alice Ali
Alice Ali 2 months ago
Omg when he told them to throw the balls at mobi it was funny
cracken_12 2 months ago
3:31 kris says “last one to make a layup is a winner” so does that mean jesser won?
Minty on 60 FPS
Minty on 60 FPS 2 months ago
I luh Vlone
I luh Vlone 2 months ago
Ummm Jidel told Zach to kick the ball out without sayin Simon sooo ....
Joey hrabak
Joey hrabak 2 months ago
Tolutasi Fili
Tolutasi Fili 2 months ago
Funny how kris said last to get the lay up in is out only if they payed attention
Jo_The_Pro 2 months ago
Jesser one that round😂
AI SHAY 2 months ago
4:30 mitchell should've been out
Cohen Letot
Cohen Letot 2 months ago
Michel is Lonzo Ball
Paige Trott
Paige Trott 2 months ago
Or you and Zack not friends with Jesse ?
Jt is good at 2k
Jt is good at 2k 2 months ago
Ayo zack
Hans Jindrich Dimay
Hans Jindrich Dimay 3 months ago
Kris said last one to make a layup is a winner so Jesse wins cause he did't make the layup
Ivan & Martel Chavez
Screw zack
Mo Saad
Mo Saad 3 months ago
Zach was fell in it
Walter White
Walter White 3 months ago
1:35 look at James wtf
Gill2314 _Fortnite
Gill2314 _Fortnite 3 months ago
ROS OLIVER YT 3 months ago
Kristopher said last one to make a layup is the winner
LookAtCurryMan 30
LookAtCurryMan 30 3 months ago
5:28 Bro Wtf 😂😂😂😂
Bassfishin Withben
Bassfishin Withben 3 months ago
4:34 mitchell switched hands
Keith Colin
Keith Colin 3 months ago
3:30 didnt kris say "last one to make a layup in that court is a winner." And zack won
Sapphire Suleiman
Sapphire Suleiman 3 months ago
But Jess didn’t realize that he wn😿😿😿
Nahjae Thomas
Nahjae Thomas 3 months ago
I expected Zach to say pause after every says something
Navin Tripathi
Navin Tripathi 3 months ago
Mopi was not doing lonzo threes lol
HOOPS HQ 4 months ago
When Zack one Chris said last one to make a layup wins not first one Jesser should’ve won
Toxic Luke
Toxic Luke 4 months ago
Stop mopi abuse
Maiwut The goat
Maiwut The goat 4 months ago
The music!
the noob
the noob 4 months ago
All of the lonzo ball jump shots where all wrong
the noob
the noob 4 months ago
Mopi u are dumb spin around means a 360 not a 180
Proximity 4 months ago
Khriss said last one to make a layup wins who else heard that😀😂
Asher 2k Plays
Asher 2k Plays 4 months ago
Mopi think he curry
tredonn red
tredonn red 4 months ago
top 2hype basketball players 1.Mopi the Goat 2. Kris 3.Jesser
Carlos Perez
Carlos Perez 4 months ago
Poor ty/mopi lol
King Allstar
King Allstar 4 months ago
He said if u make it automatic w no Simon says
Clayton Davis
Clayton Davis 4 months ago
anyone else call "the dribbling swat game" dribble tag?
Freddis Cabrera
Freddis Cabrera 4 months ago
jesser won the LSK round
Richard Cunningham
Richard Cunningham 4 months ago
Rip 😢❤️
Max van der Jagt
Max van der Jagt 4 months ago
Also what zack said for half court shot
Fusion 4 months ago
Kris: "LAST ONE TO MAKE A LAYUP IS THE WINNER" Zack: Makes it first also Zack: Wins Me: huh
Gabe Freeman
Gabe Freeman 4 months ago
Jesser one cuz he said Simon says last o ne to make a free throw wins and jesser was the last one to make a free throw technically
Hehe Hehe
Hehe Hehe 4 months ago
Well technically at 7:56 mopi said to spin around which a full spin is a 360 so actually both zack and kris are still in
Eileen Bartleson
Eileen Bartleson 4 months ago
Miichaeljr 5 months ago
love the vids
Triggered Gamers
Triggered Gamers 5 months ago
At 7:22 mopi said Simon says dribble with ur right and everyone dribbled with there left
Javy Beaz gang
Javy Beaz gang 5 months ago
kris in the first ronud was not dribbleing behind his back
Rc Regalado
Rc Regalado 5 months ago
I hate moochie when he is outing jesse
Witt Vandiver
Witt Vandiver 5 months ago
zack get mopi 418
Frostiy 5 months ago
Simon says hold me nut🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Patty Boii
Patty Boii 5 months ago
Andreai Joe Maniti
Andreai Joe Maniti 6 months ago
Simon says hold ma nut
TTV_evan07jay1 Please follow and sub
Simon says hold my nut 😂
SplashSzn 6 months ago
James: Last To Make Lonzo Ball 3 pointer is out Kris And Zack: using their normal shooting form
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller 6 months ago
Djowell Simeon
Djowell Simeon 6 months ago
mittchel should be out when he punch mopis ball booo
Jason Carter
Jason Carter 6 months ago
Mui mopi?!?!?!?
Scopez fn
Scopez fn 6 months ago
4:33 Mitchell switched hands
Ricky Espinoza
Ricky Espinoza 6 months ago
5:27 Mopi got bullied
Windy Chavez
Windy Chavez 6 months ago
3:32 Simon Says Last One To Make A Layup Right There Is The Winner
Evens Cesar
Evens Cesar 6 months ago
Mopi is Vonda good at dojing
Marc Perpignan
Marc Perpignan 6 months ago
Bro I can’t with mooching
RyanDaBoss 7 months ago
Mopi when he gets abused, every one else: HAHAHAHAHA Jesse when gets abused: COME ON REF HE FOULED ME I SHOULD’VE WON
caldwell jones ramos
Kyle Propes
Kyle Propes 7 months ago
When zack won kris said last one to make a layup is the willer
Skisuman Warrior
Skisuman Warrior 7 months ago
Slow it down at 5:35 Mitchell’s foot is out
Brenda LovedByHim Flowers
How does an NBA 2K players
youmadcuhhh 7 months ago
who thought the vid was over at 6:22
Randall Valderrama
Randall Valderrama 7 months ago
the jojo song tho
Basketblox 7 months ago
Lol Zack: Simon says hold ma nut
here comes the sun
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