Break The World Record.. I'll Buy You Anything! 

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Jul 31, 2020




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Comments 100   
Bigballercoco 1
Bigballercoco 1 11 days ago
Mopi 🥺
Jxcob Tha Boy
Jxcob Tha Boy 13 days ago
Guys I think lord orchrirmu hold the paper plane record
Cash Griffey
Cash Griffey 15 days ago
Football suck baseball all the way
Josh Stulman
Josh Stulman 16 days ago
its not even jesse anymore its only jesser
Parkourer 72
Parkourer 72 17 days ago
God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!
Armando Reyes
Armando Reyes 20 days ago
Who’s is watching this after Ja Morant injury
Khan Talha
Khan Talha 22 days ago
Where is cash
Ryguy35 1.0
Ryguy35 1.0 22 days ago
The Huver board in the thumbnail is the one I have
GOLDEN FUTURE 22 days ago
Anyone know the background music when Kris stacking the quarters?
FULLY SEND IT 27 days ago
Should have put flat donuts at the top
gamingwithquangod124 88
Zack is 31
Number1 Month ago
pause at EXACTLY 9:26 😂
Robert Closter
Robert Closter Month ago
Kris you can stack java blocks on toulit paper on
Bryce Clayton
Bryce Clayton 2 months ago
Zack was dropping dimes from behind the back
HuRd Vozify
HuRd Vozify 2 months ago
16.58 is the record by zack
Axtrix 3 months ago
That was one crazy glizzy
mashpotatoes 102
mashpotatoes 102 3 months ago
Mopi almost sold zack on that behind the back passses
Caleb Kendall
Caleb Kendall 3 months ago
Person who set the donut record is oli white btw go check him out on US-first
Andrew Bill88
Andrew Bill88 4 months ago
Moppi is the GOAT
Unique Perfection Gaming
“Common, common, speed up.” When you see someone running from a dog and everyone else is ahead of them: LSK be hyping up the competition. I feel him though, Plenty of people would too.
Gaming with Mo
Gaming with Mo 4 months ago
Me and mochie are wearing the exact same shorts
MOLLYY420 4 months ago
2hype is either insecure about their sexuality or just homophobic atp
houston akauola
houston akauola 4 months ago
zack was so close for the penny
zoe ortiz
zoe ortiz 4 months ago
ik im late but bruhv the raptors are so underestimated look at them now
zachary mendez
zachary mendez 5 months ago
Bro there’s a limit of 300???????? Wow interesting
Looney 5 months ago
Jessers shoes are straight up fire tho
Stainy 5 months ago
Mitchel with the curious goerge shirt
Reed 5 months ago
Bro they put the donuts back in the box.
lilsusdom 5 months ago
6:51 mopi really looks excited to catch paper airplanes in his mouth
Jeremy Holmes
Jeremy Holmes 5 months ago
2:06 "Glizzy formation"
Trixzyy 5 months ago
Look at kris 16:34
Walker Lundahl
Walker Lundahl 5 months ago
15:18 James and Mitchell awkward moment
Dylan Heckman
Dylan Heckman 5 months ago
Lol Raptors beat the Lakers
3ManGangTv 5 months ago
He actually 31
3ManGangTv 5 months ago
Is Zack that old?
Aleksei Streeper
Aleksei Streeper 5 months ago
Nooo I thought seekgeek was better
Ralphie L
Ralphie L 5 months ago
Dude Jesse lookin hella slim now December Jesser is coming
itss Dave
itss Dave 5 months ago
2:01 tho
Aaron Jacob
Aaron Jacob 5 months ago
Who is here after raptors beat lakers
Reilly M
Reilly M 5 months ago
Zack didn’t win that shit Jesse was counting way to fast
Remani Atuatasi
Remani Atuatasi 5 months ago
zack has to do the quarter one again and beat it !
Drake Larson
Drake Larson 5 months ago
Moochies face at 16:12😭😭😂
RaZor FN
RaZor FN 5 months ago
6:36 zack fiening over doughnuts
Alexander Schmidt
Alexander Schmidt 5 months ago
Anyone else wonder were cash went
Erika Becerril
Erika Becerril 5 months ago
Me I did lol
Red X
Red X 5 months ago
15:17, I felt that.
Ciro Matthew
Ciro Matthew 5 months ago
Lakers lost
AIXA SANTIAGO 5 months ago
Jesser:I'm not gonna lie 6ix9ine be dripping tho 6ix9ine watching at midnight eating Skittles:HMMMMM Interesting🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Gavin Lawhon
Gavin Lawhon 5 months ago
James is a glitzy gobbler
spooky 5 months ago
James is the glizzy gladiator🌭🤣
Maor Goldberg
Maor Goldberg 5 months ago
honestly i dont think these r real records there to stupid
Sasquatch PD
Sasquatch PD 5 months ago
Jessie:Ladies and Gentlemen we are here to break- Me:MY HEADPHONES OMG
Julian Urbina
Julian Urbina 5 months ago
Lakers didn’t win😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Cash_R_ K
Cash_R_ K 5 months ago
Jesse "obviously lakers beating raptors." 🤣
DropOff_Foams YT
DropOff_Foams YT 5 months ago
lmao raptors won
Elijah Ribeiro
Elijah Ribeiro 5 months ago
9:39 kris “he likes it” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
jonas lokensgard
jonas lokensgard 5 months ago
Love how zack just completely shut down that bucket squad backpack😂😂😂
Moratta J
Moratta J 5 months ago
I hope JSR didn’t reuse those donuts
Michena Calixte
Michena Calixte 5 months ago
it was 63 lol not 65
david ackah
david ackah 5 months ago
Who else is watching this after the lakers got fucked by the raptors 🤣
Jordan 5 months ago
17:45 they are vibing tho
Yo Plug
Yo Plug 5 months ago
Anthony Clay
Anthony Clay 5 months ago
More hide and seek
BR Live3
BR Live3 5 months ago
“Lakers winning with the spread” *lakers lose*
239. Next
239. Next 5 months ago
The shoes that ur wearing didn’t ur ex make those
Abbey Villanueva
Abbey Villanueva 5 months ago
Zack's real age is 31 cash is also 31
TL17 5 months ago
Jesse betting on the Lakers as a loud and proud Torontonian we won. Lets go!!!!!
Eliceo Cruz
Eliceo Cruz 5 months ago
Jesser the lakers lost tuff
Winter Huang
Winter Huang 5 months ago
Jesse: Lakers winning Me: raptors won
GG_ Faiz
GG_ Faiz 5 months ago
Raps r too good
Devo 5 months ago
dang man corona did my boys at seat geek dirty
Averge 5 months ago
I was watching the first round while eating a donut
CallMeJayy 5 months ago
Jesses bet didnt age well
cj 5 months ago
zach irl streams
Gabe Kraft
Gabe Kraft 5 months ago
Goggles jesser🔥🔥
Ports Video Watching Account
Thank god his lakers raptors bet was risk free 😂😂
God Tear
God Tear 5 months ago
Michel:🤜🏾 Jidel:🤚🏾
Landon Christensen
Landon Christensen 5 months ago
You would have lost that bet big dawg
D Hersh
D Hersh 5 months ago
💙I'ᗰ ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO ᗩᑎYOᑎᗴ💙 ↪️ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴՏ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT↩️ 🔝ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ🔝 🔜I 'ᗰ ᖴᗩՏT!⭕
Robinson sangalli
Robinson sangalli 5 months ago
lakers didnt win lmao
Marv_bagley Fanpage
Marv_bagley Fanpage 5 months ago
Jesser: bets the Lakers will beat the raptors Reality: Raptors destroy lakers
MarjusVibin-_- 5 months ago
Spencer Chartier you just said copycat the door 🚪 go now buddy
Spencer Chartier
Spencer Chartier 5 months ago
OG Vibezz not even close but nice guess buddy
MarjusVibin-_- 5 months ago
Spencer Chartier your 6
Spencer Chartier
Spencer Chartier 5 months ago
Marv_bagley Fanpage copycat
Daniel Madruga
Daniel Madruga 5 months ago
00:48 lmao
REF TACO 5 months ago
When the raptors beat the Lakers
Kevin Reno
Kevin Reno 5 months ago
Who’s here after Jesse would’ve lost his bet of the Lakers winning
Winter Huang
Winter Huang 5 months ago
jabari nicholson
jabari nicholson 5 months ago
The goat aka Max
The goat aka Max 5 months ago
Same just about to say tha
Slime Guy
Slime Guy 5 months ago
Melon Head
Melon Head 5 months ago
Everyone who placed a bet on the Lakers in the Lakers Vs Raptors game: 😳😔😑 Ight imma head out.
Spencer Chartier
Spencer Chartier 5 months ago
Who’s watching this after the lakers got killed by the raptors lol
YukioRzkI Month ago
@Meyer and Papius lol
Meyer and Papius
Meyer and Papius 3 months ago
What are u saying now?
Maria Vasquez
Maria Vasquez 5 months ago
Joey S
Joey S 5 months ago
Yep 🤣🤣🤣🤣
LH Braylen
LH Braylen 5 months ago
Huh ?
Huh ? 5 months ago
Bruh believe in god pray “ I believe u died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead three days later as your Lord and Savior amen” and U shall be saved
Patrick_Hung6 5 months ago
Who watching after Lakers vs Raptors knowing the outcome 🤣
Joshua Chavez
Joshua Chavez 5 months ago
Rip the lakers lost
Oscar Larson
Oscar Larson 5 months ago
That shit zach and Chris did wit the doughnut wuz corny af never do that bs ever again
Zach Bann
Zach Bann 5 months ago
Jesse you gotta change up your thumbnails nobody wants a hoverboard anymore
Luka’s Mixes
Luka’s Mixes 5 months ago
Stin Productions
Stin Productions 5 months ago
Joelol 5 months ago
Loop 23
Loop 23 5 months ago
Andrea Hagler
Andrea Hagler 5 months ago
I could easily beat in world record 😂🤪
Sianna Saiko
Sianna Saiko 5 months ago
arjun p
arjun p 5 months ago
Lakers lost
Cameron Fauteux-Reyes
My brother wants to go against Humphrey in basketball 1v1 I think Humphrey will win tho
martim costa
martim costa 5 months ago
Where tf is kash
Mohamed Hakim
Mohamed Hakim 5 months ago
When u realize that the raptors beat the Lakers and u suck at betting and u lose ur sponsor