Beat Me 1v1, WIN Custom Shoes 

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HOUSE 2V2 Mini Basketball *Injury Warning*
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Sep 3, 2020




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Comments 100   
Will Alexander
Will Alexander 12 days ago
jiedel when he thinks he is relivent (-----) (----) -------------
ImFan YT
ImFan YT 2 months ago
jesser is a tryhard no cap
Skate Mike
Skate Mike 2 months ago
1:22 anyone else think that’s a double dribble
Jaden Canasrivera
Jaden Canasrivera 2 months ago
Who else is thinking why Mopi is in 2Hype
Andrew Chester
Andrew Chester 2 months ago
Nobody: Jesser: zoom IN, zoom OUT
Andrew Chester
Andrew Chester 2 months ago
Why do people watch Jesser when T Jass exists?
Chelsea Perrue
Chelsea Perrue 3 months ago
stephen curry master class jiedel
Parth Madan
Parth Madan 3 months ago
P4's are the best
Kollin Klang
Kollin Klang 4 months ago
Just me or I can’t see the seat geek logo
Kollin Klang
Kollin Klang 4 months ago
Yeah it changed lol
JAMES GIUNCO 4 months ago
We’re waiting for the 1v1 we know you will lose cause you practice no where as much as him but just do it
Baylor Childress
Baylor Childress 4 months ago
Mopi you needed to do the spin cycle
Lexi Szekes
Lexi Szekes 4 months ago
Chihuahua Chihuahua
Chihuahua Chihuahua 4 months ago
Great youtuber
CartiParrott 4 months ago
I just wanna say thanks Jesser you inspired me and my friends to create a successful Chanel thank it is Carti Parrott
Suorecnac Plays
Suorecnac Plays 4 months ago
M. ROMADONI 4 months ago
C'mon man you better than this
Elusive Limited
Elusive Limited 4 months ago
Jesse: I gotta guard that it’s Jiedel Me: No it’s MasterClass Jiedel
GHOUL PALACE 4 months ago
Love from the India
25,000 Subs With No Videos
StopTheEdge 4 months ago
Jesse is too nice
SN4NZY kid
SN4NZY kid 4 months ago
Its time for jessie to do the masterclass after that
Zyro Is qt
Zyro Is qt 4 months ago
Them shoes look crazy. I liked this
Josiah Washington
Josiah Washington 4 months ago
Mopi should do the stfen curry master class
JC BiggyG
JC BiggyG 4 months ago
Advice turns into making fun of everybody in 2 hype 😂
Mid night
Mid night 4 months ago
Big shirt jidel
Mid night
Mid night 4 months ago
Mitchell should never leave somebody open in basketball
Fiyr 4 months ago
Jesser needs to bring out the one leg bandit!, if yk yk
Neema Campbell
Neema Campbell 4 months ago
Early ones know this is a new thumbnail! 🤣👌🏼
Demy 4 months ago
love you bro
Abram Alvarez
Abram Alvarez 4 months ago
Masterclass Jiedel is officially legit
Mingyuan Jing
Mingyuan Jing 4 months ago
steph curry masterclass g
Gucci Shoes
Gucci Shoes 4 months ago
Lsk would posterize you no 🧢 no hate
Nicole Wright
Nicole Wright 4 months ago
Jesse you suck
Flapbackandsmack 4 months ago
Look up the movie semi pro they took his jersey lol
CaSh Mota1k
CaSh Mota1k 4 months ago
James thought he was saucy
Andrew James
Andrew James 4 months ago
Jesser: I’m not afraid of anything *looks at jiedel* But that thing, it scares me
FREESELR 4 months ago
Jesus masterclass jidel a different breed
Lee Harrison
Lee Harrison 4 months ago
Can we just appreciate Mopi’s flawless screen at 10:12
Ricko Bob
Ricko Bob 4 months ago
James puttin in that work and it shows
Khalil Rahaman
Khalil Rahaman 4 months ago
Jesser do u remember the stalkatron 9000 lollll ur first vid
Ayden Wacker
Ayden Wacker 4 months ago
I swear Mitchell changes his form every time he shoots😂
KFJ Ministry
KFJ Ministry 4 months ago
Jiedel can hoop whattt
zbxrk 4 months ago
Mitchlle vs flight
Tray-_- O
Tray-_- O 4 months ago
🆑moochie would be cold if he just get his jumper right he got handles
Andy Lian
Andy Lian 4 months ago
Jesser you seriously got bounce now you got to keep working out bro you almost slammed it on Mopi's head
CPL 23
CPL 23 4 months ago
Please ask mopi if i can coach him for its a meme mario 1v1, i know his game
Mitchell Burrus
Mitchell Burrus 4 months ago
Jidel best in 2hype
sephan tamang
sephan tamang 4 months ago
Bro jidel drop you off
Cooper 23
Cooper 23 4 months ago
Jiedel turned into Jordan vs Jesse
Joe Salvaggio
Joe Salvaggio 4 months ago
Stop mopi abuse
Detuine 4 months ago
Jiedel destroyed jesse
Detuine 4 months ago
Congratulations for 1,000,000,000 views
Max Deering
Max Deering 4 months ago
They look the the Nike air yezzy 2 platinum
Luh Foc
Luh Foc 4 months ago
Jiedel MIP for real
iAmSamul 4 months ago
Jesser blocker Mopi so hard it hurt my feelings low key 😕
iAmSamul 4 months ago
Verified HD
Verified HD 4 months ago
Jesse when u dribble ur being too fancy and you need to play how u know how to play always dont have too showout bro
Erik Laguna
Erik Laguna 4 months ago
New hair???
James Liapis
James Liapis 4 months ago
His record 38-13
Brady’s Gaming
Brady’s Gaming 4 months ago
Yo guys who wants to see a US-first 1v1 tournament on Jessers new court
Aaron Haver
Aaron Haver 4 months ago
Jessser locking good
Sungazing Rn
Sungazing Rn 4 months ago
Master class jiedel went to work
Taylor McCoy
Taylor McCoy 4 months ago
master class jiedel 😎
Rasta 4 months ago
When’s the 2hype vs AMP game
Mikey Films
Mikey Films 4 months ago
We want 2k
Millzy11 4 months ago
Hope the best for you and iman
Millzy11 4 months ago
Hope the best for you and iman
Nyla Mclain
Nyla Mclain 4 months ago
Did you say to yourself let see if mopi makes a 3
Emilio Rodriguez-Padilla
Jesse the app isn’t technically free because you have to pay to actually play
DK5destroya _ak47
DK5destroya _ak47 4 months ago
NBA 2K 21 my career do it
GingerKid 8
GingerKid 8 4 months ago
How about for a challenge give everyone a week to make their own shoe
Ampt Glitch
Ampt Glitch 4 months ago
jesser lay off the drugs, guy cant even open his eyes
KING ICECUS 4 months ago
Jiedel is god!🐐
T Jefferson223
T Jefferson223 4 months ago
Can you do who has the best burgers
CronicOn-100Ping 4 months ago
Kris I’m goated James master class bitch
Oscar FB
Oscar FB 4 months ago
frankntilikinas Burner
So we just not gonna talk about how Jesse almost put Tyler on the news
Jadenupt 4 months ago
Jesser vs jiedel 1v1 👀
HYPENINJA 4 months ago
Yo bro no 2k21 you slackin I used to be a fan but your a ban wagon Lamar Jackson fan and you just really slacking but bro I really do admire you gettin racks
Matrix Warrior
Matrix Warrior 4 months ago
The Cloud
The Cloud 4 months ago
What shoes are they wearing
Andrew Whalen
Andrew Whalen 4 months ago
Uh so Jesse is just dunking effortlessly now...that’s terrifying
Manjowan Dhadda
Manjowan Dhadda 4 months ago
pretty sure their deal with seat geek is over
Isaac Layow
Isaac Layow 4 months ago
Bro I love Jesser but his basketball skills have declined
Walker 12
Walker 12 4 months ago
After James curry thing he is dirty
Garret Heer
Garret Heer 4 months ago
He should put 8-0 on the shoes
Garret Heer
Garret Heer 4 months ago
Damn James wanted some shoes 🤣
manscool2006 4 months ago
I miss old vlog jesser
angel torres
angel torres 4 months ago
why won't you use the other hoop
1% Kris
1% Kris 4 months ago
Only the real OG’s remember LTC 😂
Conner 4 months ago
Ngl Jesse that thumbnail isnt it 😂😂😂
2 Cuz
2 Cuz 4 months ago
Anyone know what shoes mochie and jesser are wearing
TrikShotsGaming 4 months ago
Nobody plays FanDuel. Draftkings has handily taken over daily fantasy sports. FanDuel also copies Draftkings best ball
Amos Kear
Amos Kear 4 months ago
Mopi Bruhhhhhh he’s obviously gonna lose
Fetters Family
Fetters Family 4 months ago
Sir Bud
Sir Bud 4 months ago
Mopi sorry but you have a cindof jumpshot
Sir Bud
Sir Bud 4 months ago
What's up Jesser I'm a huge fan
trev_bev 4L
trev_bev 4L 4 months ago
Real ones know why kids should drink apple juice
Siddharth Barua
Siddharth Barua 4 months ago
Mopi is the best player of 2 hype😂👍🔥
ESPORTS GAMEING 4 months ago
jidel is still a god
its_yolk23 4 months ago
Jesser has to hit master class