A Week in the Life of Jesser 

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day to day from a whole week of my life
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Workout routine ( shout out to Jeff bui for the workout )

Ski Cabin in the Woods Vlog
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Flying to China Vlog
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Aug 20, 2020




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Comments 100   
Jordin Pittman
Jordin Pittman 8 hours ago
Jesus and God love u
Kevin McCabe
Kevin McCabe 18 hours ago
Are we going to tell him that his mask did a backflip and got paused
Aric Bloomquist
Aric Bloomquist 2 days ago
Anyone else wanna know why Jesse was in the tampon aisle
Sanctioned Xen
Sanctioned Xen 5 days ago
Marios Efstratiadis
Jesser has the most od house 😂😂😂🤣🤣
Jeffery Miller
Jeffery Miller 8 days ago
Imagine if he just never showers 🤣 I’m 18 mins in and I haven’t heard him mention a shower once 🤣
Brian Weisenberger
Corny and non original
Darnell Cunningham
Darnell Cunningham 10 days ago
Unknown human
Unknown human 15 days ago
1st thing Jesse does when he wakes up , disrespect mopii
Diegois God
Diegois God 18 days ago
I miss the old jesser
edrf dgfh
edrf dgfh Month ago
The red meat immunologically sin because brother-in-law fascinatingly stain apropos a little keyboard. tedious, neighborly salary
Anthony Cienfuegos
I love your vids big fan bro
Vize Month ago
34:04 u can see James going up 🚀🚀🚀🚀
Im Boba F3tt
Im Boba F3tt Month ago
Bro it’s December and you still haven’t released the new card game wtf
Sebastian Yacaculo
The ultra queen startlingly multiply because history thirdly delay given a foregoing equinox. unequaled, crowded food
Isaac Heun
Isaac Heun Month ago
I never knew youtubers had such a jam-packed schedule. I think I gotta do some planning before I go all in on youtube.
Elijah Barnett
Elijah Barnett Month ago
0:54 anyone relies the wipers on
Peyton Davis
Peyton Davis Month ago
0:48 y is your windshield wiper going on if it’s not raining
Jonathan Pots
Jonathan Pots Month ago
100t jesser
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia Month ago
Who else notice In the beginning jesser had his mask upside down
Gabriel Hsu
Gabriel Hsu Month ago
It's crazy how I watched this guy grow up, he is so mature now it's crazy.
Krish Patel
Krish Patel Month ago
0:50 why tf was the windshield wiper on in the back it wasn’t even raining
Noah Levy
Noah Levy 2 months ago
jiedel said there was a big 2hype meeting that night it was probably the meeting for them joining 100 thieves
clay gaming
clay gaming 2 months ago
Jesser was not just vlogging and driving but he was also washing his back window.
Jericho Salmo
Jericho Salmo 2 months ago
We need another one
Michael Knollenberg
Michael Knollenberg 2 months ago
When he was driver his windshield wiper in the back was spraying
jizzer 2 months ago
Can relate to the middle school mile when I was in 6th grade I thought you had to go try hard in gym so I got a 5:50 on the mile which was kinda intense
YT Ashey Boi
YT Ashey Boi 2 months ago
this was posted on me bday
Jakey1616 2 months ago
In LA it’s scary nobody wear masks while your not Wearing a mask
Chase Whittington
Chase Whittington 2 months ago
I know that we’re all happy that how much Jesse has grown as a person and US-first stuff, but don’t we all miss 2016 and 2017 Jesser channel
Corbin Bryant
Corbin Bryant 2 months ago
Otabek Melikov
Otabek Melikov 2 months ago
Only real ones watch this more than once
Han Lu
Han Lu 2 months ago
Mom walks in: Why is that man drowning himself
Han Lu
Han Lu 2 months ago
we just gonna ignore the fact that covid ruined the absolute GREATEST basketball league team EVER ASSEMBLED🤦🏼‍♂️
Han Lu
Han Lu 2 months ago
Mom walks in: Why is that man drowning himself
6 4
6 4 2 months ago
Why'd you comment twice
KAY Le 2 months ago
Mom walks in: Why is that man drowning himself
KAY Le 2 months ago
Who else remembers when Cash took Jesser to the gym to workout and Jesser just wasn’t into it? Nice to see he wants to get in shape now
KAY Le 2 months ago
Jesse the night before: I am so proud of my team, I have surrounded myself with great ppl Jesse the next morning: Hostile Work Environment
Biggdaps 2 months ago
August? Cmon man
Baseball And Basketball vids
Where is jesser father?
Justin Schroeder
Justin Schroeder 2 months ago
Jeff is so nice
Landin_ Woodruff
Landin_ Woodruff 2 months ago
Yo does anyone no what car header drives?
Freddy Adames
Freddy Adames 2 months ago
So proud of you for picking up lifting boy! Fuck if you get a 6 pack or not. Let’s get strong together brother! I’m kicking the gyms ass
Jesse Cotton
Jesse Cotton 2 months ago
Rick need a channel
QT Madden YT
QT Madden YT 2 months ago
37sec to 1min and 3sec his backwidow wiper was moving
DrizzJuice 2 months ago
La is crazy people not wearing mask and he is not wearing his mask
Havoc 296
Havoc 296 2 months ago
Complains about people not wearing and then he isn’t
Basketball Fanatic
Basketball Fanatic 2 months ago
Jesse: We are going to have sick games on the new basketball court. Cracks his head open.
Dalton Morrow
Dalton Morrow 2 months ago
when he cracked his head he was not wearing a 2 hype masks LiEr
Quentin Sings
Quentin Sings 3 months ago
just me or did y'all see the rear windshield wipers going the whole car ride. Just me? Okay.
lil Dino
lil Dino 3 months ago
Lookin good Jesser!
Daniel Hu
Daniel Hu 3 months ago
I have watched this multiple times lol, Jesse really motivates me hope he does more of these vids
Dr. Butterscotch
Dr. Butterscotch 3 months ago
aamazing vid would love a part 2
Verneri Kivelä
Verneri Kivelä 3 months ago
Aidan Smith
Aidan Smith 3 months ago
Any on notice at 1:00 that his back window wiper was on in the car
Jason Sotelo
Jason Sotelo 3 months ago
Bro zacks pull up middy is so clean
Soloskyz 3 months ago
There life is so nice I’m so jealous
Wes2128 3 months ago
I have a tydy hoody that is 2hype
Joseph Graziadei
Joseph Graziadei 3 months ago
This might be Humphreys last year with us. Humps 15 his expectancy is 16
Alexander Palmer
Alexander Palmer 3 months ago
Get the "mopi is short" guy as an extra guy for the bucket squad team
Raphael Naber
Raphael Naber 3 months ago
man, you are so inspirational!
Erozab Lorbek
Erozab Lorbek 3 months ago
jesse can you give me your old keboard hahah
Happydave01 3 months ago
How many times Jesser says “6 pack by December”
Happydave01 3 months ago
Jesser exposed. When he said he had McDonald’s if I’m right 🔽
Katja Scheiner
Katja Scheiner 4 months ago
Brooklyn Livingston
Brooklyn Livingston 4 months ago
Man you’ve grown I remember watching ur old pack and pain videos
Jonathan Marrewa
Jonathan Marrewa 4 months ago
Italia deli slaps rick is trippin
k_hayes6 4 months ago
Look at Jesser man so inspirational
Autumn Erichsen
Autumn Erichsen 4 months ago
Adam Bobat
Adam Bobat 4 months ago
Jesser were did you get the bed frame from?
SDB 4 months ago
do more of these every other week
Gerald Rubio
Gerald Rubio 4 months ago
Jesser just made me remember Kanye’s graduation album that shi was fire imma listen to it all day
Emma Turner
Emma Turner 4 months ago
Jesser said it’s scary in La cuz people weren’t wearing there masks faces the camera to mopi and he’s not wearing a mask 😂😂😂
Emma Turner
Emma Turner 4 months ago
Also am I the only one who just noticed jesser has amazing eyebrows
Camden Perry
Camden Perry 4 months ago
32:00 bru he be wanting a family
Joshfrank 79
Joshfrank 79 4 months ago
Your the best youtuber
eriksyn Sylliboy
eriksyn Sylliboy 4 months ago
Think I’m the only one in this comment section who knows what “Taliaq” means 4:23-4:27
Lucas Sivy
Lucas Sivy 4 months ago
If Jesser visits his mom, maybe I can meet him!??!
Isaac Is My Name
Isaac Is My Name 4 months ago
honestly Shaq basket is funnier than siren head
Stiv Carel
Stiv Carel 4 months ago
mixtape ph
mixtape ph 4 months ago
Why jesser face mask upside down at 1:44
Sandy Aziz
Sandy Aziz 4 months ago
Me doing a 5 minute mile 😳😳 21:39 That is not a lie 🙄🙄
Noah Grosshanten
Noah Grosshanten 4 months ago
Make this a series
Lil Oreo
Lil Oreo 4 months ago
Jesser vlogs are the best
WSSM Shooter
WSSM Shooter 4 months ago
the masks do NOT do anything🤦🏼‍♂️
Project V0ID
Project V0ID 4 months ago
The only real ones know there speaking mikmiq taliaq kisku
Xander Edwards
Xander Edwards 4 months ago
You need to get into the Bible bro. Gods real and once you start having conversations with him u start feeling better and noticing changes in your everyday life
JDM215 4 months ago
If anyone knows what camera that is can y’all plz let me know??
TMan TV 4 months ago
Bro I wish so bad that I could spend just a day with yall. It seems so fun and you all seem so cool.
Daniel Kort
Daniel Kort 4 months ago
Got rid of the sand because of Kris, not to just put a basketball court in right
Tait Norment
Tait Norment 4 months ago
How long is jessers outdoor court?
PJ 4 months ago
the photo shoot would have been better with moochie :(
Idrowninthatdrip 4 months ago
Goddamn his house is amazing his basketball court is insane i need to play there
Owen Eltringham
Owen Eltringham 4 months ago
This mans really grown up over the last few years. Keep grinding my bro love your work
De Hiderated
De Hiderated 4 months ago
To the person that’s reading this: You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy in quarantine My dream is to have 1k. I been struggling to get there
Biggie Snacks
Biggie Snacks 12 days ago
U got there :)
David Murphy
David Murphy 4 months ago
This vid literally got me motivated to get in the weight room
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts 4 months ago
27:25 is that Humphrey's Shit🤣
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts 4 months ago
It's good to see how Jesse Works out and Work on his mental health, He is so inspirational
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts 4 months ago
13:30 why was that emotional tho 😔
Artic Fox
Artic Fox 4 months ago
look at jezzer man, so inspirational
Jamal Calloway
Jamal Calloway 4 months ago
In dog years hump is 105 or if you keep tract by nine he’s 135 wow that’s crazy