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Breaking the most insane world records such as smashing watermelons with your head in under 1 minute!
JSR ( second channel )
Golf with the 2HYPE House
Mario & Sonic Football with Mopi
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Mar 12, 2020




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Comments 100   
River_ Graff•YT•
Rayshon Coty
Rayshon Coty Month ago
10:53 cash been next to flight for too long hes developing raging issues
Nathaniel Ortiz
Nathaniel Ortiz Month ago
world records be so random
Jacob Alewine
Jacob Alewine Month ago
CeDaN K 2 months ago
n1 X 0n
n1 X 0n 2 months ago
6:17 kris what is that face? lmao
VWalkingBxlencii-_- 2 months ago
10:54 mopi reaction😭
taco king
taco king 2 months ago
Did you see cash yelling at mopi when they were poping the party poppers
taco king
taco king 2 months ago
Haha lol
The Real Glo
The Real Glo 2 months ago
Joshua Maravilla
Joshua Maravilla 2 months ago
I'm so sad for mopi
Nicholas Tierney
Nicholas Tierney 2 months ago
Mopi is a different bred
BenGriel 4 months ago
Cash should of did it he has the biggest forhead
Trase Mims
Trase Mims 4 months ago
10:56 me in 3rd grade
Jeremiah Jackson reed
The fact that y’all laughed at mopi hitting his head in a watermelon
call3igh-a 4 months ago
Ok but mopi in the beginning his table falling I LOST it🤣🤣🤣😭
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai 5 months ago
10:54 to 10:57 make me cry
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai 5 months ago
I swear when ever cash does not get it make me laugh lot
CobraCN 5 months ago
8:16 Awwww mayne
Paris Norman
Paris Norman 5 months ago
peep Kris' fit thooooooo
Jermaine Choice
Jermaine Choice 5 months ago
Cash is so strong all the Oreos came out🤣
Jermaine Choice
Jermaine Choice 5 months ago
Poor mopi😂😂🙏r.i.p
Help Me Reach 15k before 2022
0:08 why are kris's arms so short
Curlyfriesjosh 5 months ago
We all know Me and Cash hurting hard on the first challenge 😭
Lito Olguin
Lito Olguin 5 months ago
Is cash cool with Moochie
LookAtCurryMan 30
LookAtCurryMan 30 5 months ago
2:13 You can see that Jessie is pointing at the watermelon that he’s gonna break because if the table is gonna fall down then the watermelon breaks and everything is ruined But then jessie does this 2:25
Tony Lee
Tony Lee 6 months ago
I love cash lol
Henri Mountain
Henri Mountain 6 months ago
Bute better
Henri Mountain
Henri Mountain 6 months ago
Coping sidmen
ZFG Vlog Channel
ZFG Vlog Channel 6 months ago
Kv Daoen 25
Kv Daoen 25 6 months ago
Benjamin Zawitz
Benjamin Zawitz 6 months ago
good coaching by cash 7:11
Jax Turner
Jax Turner 6 months ago
I beat Kris’ record for Jenga
me 7 months ago
"Nobody: Literally Nobody: Cash: Eating a watermelon as Kris breaks a world record"
Mike Escalona
Mike Escalona 7 months ago
my gosh tyler
Ethan L’Ami
Ethan L’Ami 7 months ago
Pars Static and Yogurt
Every time mopi hit his he shrunk an inch
Keisha B
Keisha B 7 months ago
Mopis. Head. Should. Hurt
Wolfer 7 months ago
Jesser How is Brodel doing
Mark Nomel
Mark Nomel 7 months ago
2:33 do y’all see cash💵
Mark Nomel
Mark Nomel 7 months ago
2::46 i m 💀☠️☠️☠️💀😆🤣😁😜😅😂😄😭,look at lsk
Tanveer Singh
Tanveer Singh 7 months ago
rip mopi
Dwarf Drip
Dwarf Drip 7 months ago
10:42 mopi in the back tho
Samira Mohamad
Samira Mohamad 7 months ago
Poor Mopi They always bully Mopi
daniel akanro
daniel akanro 8 months ago
Is this real?? Do you guys actually win a million dollars?
Nate The great
Nate The great 8 months ago
6:36 whose cleaning that up
Landon Stepanoff
Landon Stepanoff 8 months ago
Who else thinks mopi is real stupid
Mekhi Brooks
Mekhi Brooks 8 months ago
It’s always funny when mopi gets hurt
FNB SeaBee
FNB SeaBee 8 months ago
12:20 cash made me laugh so hard
Mikey Franny
Mikey Franny 8 months ago
1:00 he was worried about getting watermelon juice in his hair.(I would be worried about getting a concussion)🤕
Carlos Benavidez
Carlos Benavidez 8 months ago
Did y’all film this after cash’s guess the sneaker and keep it
Kona BM
Kona BM 8 months ago
Reporting live breaking news A 3.8 ft hobbit has snapped his neck by trying to to break 50 Water melons with his head This truly is a tragity
Joseph Herring
Joseph Herring 8 months ago
Jesser makes the water melon look easy
Cooper24N 8 months ago
poor Tyler
AkaRuzi 8 months ago
I can’t even chew my food when Mopi tried to break watermelons🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tyler Settles
Tyler Settles 8 months ago
Are these even legit 😂
PATRICK 8 months ago
Nobody: The oreos:✈
Natalie Smith
Natalie Smith 9 months ago
Mopi is stupid
FN_Reaper 9 months ago
Cash's spit is the confetti
Zora Reynolds
Zora Reynolds 9 months ago
2:33 who else peeped Cash eating the Watermelon 😂
why is Mopi so trash at everything? lol
wantedbyneos 9 months ago
Maybe this is why mopi doesn't know what a jump shot is
Dayton the regular person
I hope I'm not the only one that noticed Jesse only broke that watermelon because he dropped it
Lisa McMillan
Lisa McMillan 9 months ago
Am I the only one that likes mop more than Jes ser
Ben Tulod
Ben Tulod 9 months ago
Mopi should’ve just dropped the watermelons
Tariah Broadie
Tariah Broadie 9 months ago
And they should do more of these challenges
Tariah Broadie
Tariah Broadie 9 months ago
They all are so cute and the order of the cute goes zack Chris cash jesser James mopi
That one recon
That one recon 9 months ago
Bro I feel bad for Mopi ☹️
Jonathan Loza
Jonathan Loza 9 months ago
Cash made the oreo go crazy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mario HEEHEE 9 months ago
E re
SSG x DON 9 months ago
Mopi be the greatest watermelon
XxJokes_LifeXx 2K20
XxJokes_LifeXx 2K20 9 months ago
Rip mopi 1:00
Aiden Simons
Aiden Simons 9 months ago
Mopi getting a concussion his biggest concern is watermelon juice getting in his hair
Kai Cadena
Kai Cadena 9 months ago
Man, Troy would be great for this.
Landon Roby
Landon Roby 9 months ago
Cash be eating watermelon 🍉 in the background of a world record Cash:yeeeeeeeeeeee
Tatum Melville
Tatum Melville 9 months ago
Rip mopi and the watermelons
xantino avila ph
xantino avila ph 9 months ago
Is that real record sr
N.F.R Clan
N.F.R Clan 9 months ago
Mopi has brain damage now
Cj Man
Cj Man 9 months ago
Mopi has no more brain cells now
Nicholas Lau
Nicholas Lau 9 months ago
Mopi concussion time
Vernelet Wragg
Vernelet Wragg 9 months ago
Gabriel Camacho
Gabriel Camacho 9 months ago
“Don’t listen to the haters” -Mopi
Anthony Bressler
Anthony Bressler 9 months ago
No body: Literally no one: Mopi:hit watermelons with his HEAD
Almighty11Justin 9 months ago
What’s that Bape x Adidas jacket? Nvm I found it
Dunno Why-_-
Dunno Why-_- 9 months ago
Mopi is dumb
[STONEY] 9 months ago
I feel bad for tyler🤣
PAC-MAN 9 months ago
If it makes cash fell better the person that did the Oreo stack probably used thins
Tyler Edwards
Tyler Edwards 9 months ago
Poor mopi😂
adam fair
adam fair 9 months ago
Did the nit realize the could smash the melons in the griund
Charles Gillmore
Charles Gillmore 9 months ago
If mopi was just a little smarter than he could've just threw them on the ground
Ethan Chamberlain
Ethan Chamberlain 9 months ago
My ps4 is chamberlain7178 pls I have sub love ❤️ the vids keep it up
yeboi dp
yeboi dp 9 months ago
Mopi is so funny lol also stop the mopi abuse 😂😂😂
Jamie Martz
Jamie Martz 9 months ago
Y didn’t mopi just throw them on the ground
Jackson Castellanos
Jackson Castellanos 9 months ago
Mopi trying to break the watermelon 🍉😂😂😂😂
Wxlf 9 months ago
0:06 no one is gonna talk about Kris looking at jsr's 🎂 🤣
DrDark PK
DrDark PK 9 months ago
I could break the tp
Dolfo 999
Dolfo 999 9 months ago
At 0:10.why did kris,jiedel,and mopi all look at the door
She_Loves_Comp 9 months ago
She_Loves_Comp 9 months ago
Biggmilio 9 months ago
The cream in the middle of the Oreos are sticky so you remove the top of all of them and stack them that way 🧠
Toxicwaffle S
Toxicwaffle S 10 months ago
poor mopi
0_0 10 months ago
Why isn't kenny in any of the 2hype vids