2 Truths And 1 LIE Challenge! With 2HYPE House 

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Today the boys try the two truths one lie challenge!
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Make The Shot - Choose The Mystery Door Challenge
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Jul 22, 2020




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Comments 100   
Maddox Mero
Maddox Mero 10 hours ago
Ask your my poo!
Desgarbado Joder
Desgarbado Joder 6 days ago
No way did Zack just say New York is rlly close to Canada 😭🤦🏽‍♂️
Harry_k_ 22
Harry_k_ 22 11 days ago
Who realizing that Jesse is wearing 100 thieves merch 5 months ago
BingoKW 11 days ago
End of story Nobody likes jidel
Gxlxctic 2 days ago
xavier shevlin
xavier shevlin 12 days ago
Please move to Australia with all the boys
D Rose
D Rose 12 days ago
pakveleski 04
pakveleski 04 13 days ago
I’m an Aussie
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams 13 days ago
I miss mop god
Lucky Leftygod
Lucky Leftygod 14 days ago
How’s watching this for old moments with mopi
Rovic Arsua
Rovic Arsua 18 days ago
Shut up all of you lied to us
King Money
King Money 19 days ago
Bro you such a jerk for taking 51 percent of Tyler’s VR Chanel
Collin Simpson99
Collin Simpson99 12 days ago
watch jesses vid
Jeffrey Blake
Jeffrey Blake 15 days ago
Bro they hadn’t even posted anything on the Chanel go watch jessers vid before u talk
Ivan Luera
Ivan Luera 19 days ago
Linards prodnieks
Linards prodnieks 14 days ago
watch both sides of the argument before saying anything
J'onor Skinner
J'onor Skinner 21 day ago
You Love ketchup but you hate tomatoes
NikeA Shoebox
NikeA Shoebox 21 day ago
Anthony Preciado
Anthony Preciado 21 day ago
I eat cow tongue to
Tyler’s sports fun
We want a part 2
Wolf gang
Wolf gang 26 days ago
Jesse and James are brothers I did nat know
brian fleming
brian fleming 27 days ago
lets go a mclaren P1 is my favorite car to
2 truths "1lie"
Robert Green
Robert Green Month ago
I have the same exact T-Shirt that ZackTTG is wearing
Riley Edwards
Riley Edwards Month ago
I live In aus
iDrxy Month ago
I just wanted to look at old vids and realize jesse is wearing a 💯T hoodie.
Jacob David
Jacob David Month ago
0:01 Zack what was that?
Ronit Kapur
Ronit Kapur Month ago
i can't look at you guys the same
Caleb Rosales
Caleb Rosales Month ago
Are we just not gonna talk about how Zack is just doing TikTok at the beginning
Adrian morales
Adrian morales Month ago
Anyone notice that Jesser had a 100T sweatshirt. He spoiled the beans way before he joined 100T
Kalley Kehoe
Kalley Kehoe Month ago
LSK’s socks are 🔥🔥🔥 af
FA2 Music Prod.
FA2 Music Prod. Month ago
I’m just realizing now that Jesser was wearing a 100 thieves sweatshirt and nobody even thought he would be in 100 thieves.
Finnbar Feehely
Finnbar Feehely Month ago
Jesse been rockin the 100 thieves for a minute
Josie Kirkman
Josie Kirkman Month ago
Move to Australia the Aussie
Marcos Santillan
I just found out Jesse and James are brothers
Danielle McMindes
so they’ve never had tacos de leunga...
Temppest2k Month ago
I put tomato sauce on everything but hate tomatoes
Fidel favela
Fidel favela Month ago
No way Chris pissed on a teacher's seat 😭😭😭
Rbxking21 4k
Rbxking21 4k Month ago
aye Canada gang
Spencer Bargo
Spencer Bargo Month ago
He was wearing 100T hoodie
Add Revenue pls
Add Revenue pls Month ago
Moochie is the funniest person and has so many embarrassing moments
99 Mixed
99 Mixed Month ago
anybody come back and notice the 100 thieves merch jesse wearin?
Richard H.
Richard H. Month ago
I am from slovakia
James Silas Boron
10:53 “so I was just hanging out with Kimbo” may one of the best moochie quotes ever
Dylan Wheatley
Dylan Wheatley Month ago
Trey West
Trey West Month ago
Ketchup is made out of tomatoes
Trey West
Trey West Month ago
I am also allergic to grass
Esteban Mercado gaming
But how did,jesser take a shit
Cam Stirling
Cam Stirling Month ago
Yo Bas Ruden was Niko from here comes the boom
Jak3 2 months ago
Anyone notice he's wearing a 100 thieves sweatshirts before they joined them
danie tijerina
danie tijerina Month ago
I was about to comment th at
Ryan Walsh
Ryan Walsh 2 months ago
13:02 uhhh Zack?
Isaac Brownlee
Isaac Brownlee 2 months ago
Me knowing that i have bit a dog cause it bit me and they just roasted me
Gurnoor Hundal
Gurnoor Hundal 2 months ago
I really thought messer was older than jiedel
Mitchell VanDeWalle
Mitchell VanDeWalle 2 months ago
Even back in the day Jesse was rocking 100 Thieves
Abhijay Sharma
Abhijay Sharma 2 months ago
Were Jesse and James separated?
Kase Mellenthin
Kase Mellenthin 2 months ago
KelvinRam 30
KelvinRam 30 2 months ago
Rip Kimbo slice Died 2016
JBanDZzz38 2 months ago
Me and khris got on the same joggers
Isaac Bradford
Isaac Bradford 2 months ago
Who’s here after mitchel joined 2 Hype
Limp Wibbler
Limp Wibbler 2 months ago
10:23 wait he said he never had a full can of soda in his life. So that and the Ferrari are a lie. Bro Mopi did it again.
Wynton Purce13
Wynton Purce13 2 months ago
What was Zack doing in the intro?
HOOD NOOB 2 months ago
I wish there was a vid just about the dares kris did
HI Hi 2 months ago
Zachs statements match me
Jace Murray
Jace Murray 2 months ago
USA soda Canada pop is soda in Canada
Evan is The boss
Evan is The boss 2 months ago
Are we going to ignore the fact that moochie is allergic to grass
Trav1s 129
Trav1s 129 2 months ago
Zack wasn’t expelled from school when he was 10 because when he was 10 there wasn’t any schools
glassy_flix 2 months ago
anyone here from jessers head🥶🥶
NĐĐJr • Cypher
NĐĐJr • Cypher 2 months ago
Imagine the teacher watching this... 🤣🤣
Owen Jones
Owen Jones 3 months ago
Mclaren p1 baby
Adam Alcala
Adam Alcala 3 months ago
These guys don’t know about lingua
Joel Stambanis
Joel Stambanis 3 months ago
u cant get fucking 50 cals in Australia
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai 3 months ago
At 0:00 why is moochie putting his for gifts
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai 3 months ago
At 0:00 to 0:03
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai 3 months ago
Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph 3 months ago
do one lie and 2 truths
Nick 3 months ago
At 9:04 instead of get they put GERT I’m shleep
Sarah Ramirez
Sarah Ramirez 3 months ago
I love tomatoes but hate ketchup 😁
Yasva Raveloson
Yasva Raveloson 3 months ago
Mopi actually confused me
dosterrebecca 3 months ago
Great vid
Angelo San Jose
Angelo San Jose 4 months ago
Who also noticed Zach doing a tiktok dance at the beginning
Jaskirat 4 months ago
I remember all of Kris’s stories from his OG story times
Vin Chiofalo
Vin Chiofalo 4 months ago
Yo Zack, NY is nowhere near Canada 😭😭
Joey Scheumann
Joey Scheumann 4 months ago
who else is here after moochie join 2hype?
Tys B
Tys B 4 months ago
Kayen 05
Kayen 05 4 months ago
am i the only one just now figuring out james and jesse are brothers😭
Simplyy Piink
Simplyy Piink 4 months ago
Lol I dont see anyone from the hype house if I do they shouldn't be famous enough to be in there :)
Drew Simmons
Drew Simmons 4 months ago
Who else just found out jesse and James are brothers
Isaiah Ajayi
Isaiah Ajayi 4 months ago
Holy shit moochie knows bad rutten that’s insane
Arie Hofman
Arie Hofman 4 months ago
I say kris makes a vid just telling stories of what he did in that week
SUNNY 4 months ago
I can’t stop rewatching this
Nicholas Baldwin
Nicholas Baldwin 4 months ago
Kris made a storytime about The goal falling on his head
Zachary Webb
Zachary Webb 4 months ago
Mopi just saying I’m so fu**ing lost
Big Play Slay
Big Play Slay 4 months ago
Mopi is actually dumb I don’t know what’s going on with him
ADDITUP ZAY 4 months ago
ADDITUP ZAY 4 months ago
James pits real sweaty, put them arms down my boi 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️
Angelo Szatkowski
Angelo Szatkowski 5 months ago
Are we not gonna talk about how james found out Jesse almost burned him alive and he was just calm the entire time
Jarod Uridel
Jarod Uridel 5 months ago
Kris told Jesser the hoop falling on him before in his old vlog 🤦🏼‍♂️
Boosted Boi
Boosted Boi 5 months ago
I’m Australian and we are not aloud guns mopi
John Pankowski
John Pankowski 5 months ago
Shoutout the people who new the hoop hittting kris’s head from his old vids
Kaleeb 5 months ago
I didnt even know there was cereal back then in 1269
Abdoul Tien
Abdoul Tien 5 months ago
RIP kimbo
Uptennpo Yt
Uptennpo Yt 5 months ago
We need more 7th grade Lsk stories😂😂
Kareena Williams
Kareena Williams 5 months ago
Finally we found someone who wants to go to Australia
Declan Luedtke
Declan Luedtke 5 months ago
3:16 I know that from one of his story times
Matthew Black
Matthew Black 5 months ago
Bro Mitchell might be the funniest in 2hype 😂