1 Point = 1 Mystery Box 🎁 King of the Court - 🏀 Challenge 

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We played a 1v1 king of the court challenge but every point you got a mystery box!
⭐ Text me! 805 - 398 - 6092
1v1 vs NBA Prospect
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Last to miss shot I will buy you anything
► us-first.info/player/video/nMuml7CpfWhomH0.html
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Jun 15, 2020




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Siddharth Umashankar
Everyone else: ahhhhhh so close Mitchell: that’s the only shot I can hit over 10% 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hunter Kochie
Hunter Kochie 3 days ago
Where are Mitchell’s shorts
Timothy Zammuansang
Tall one sucks by the way 😂
Brayden Evans
Brayden Evans 8 days ago
Rip mopi
Nicole Wiggins
Nicole Wiggins 9 days ago
Bradley McCain
Bradley McCain 10 days ago
Feel bad for mopi he is easy to score on. 😥 😔 😥 😔 😥 😔
Koolaidzx Diego
Koolaidzx Diego 11 days ago
I’m just kidding I wanted to test something
Jordin Pittman
Jordin Pittman 12 days ago
Jesus and God love you❤️
Kalil Bundy
Kalil Bundy Month ago
watching again for old times
Ketae Prime
Ketae Prime Month ago
All kris need to do is dunk it every time if he dunked it every time he will get every present
Ajai Hickson
Ajai Hickson Month ago
20:50 I’m going draymon mode
Marcia Ashman
Marcia Ashman Month ago
The anxious era weekly walk because astronomy philly water times a damaging february. numberless, fragile aquarius
houstonalesha Month ago
スキー Month ago
No one: That one kid who thinks he’s good: 5:37
Stueydnthxde Month ago
Is Chris anyone else’s fav
Edwin Sariah
Edwin Sariah Month ago
Kid Stephen curry
Where’s cash
califlowebudz Month ago
🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀we love it
Turtlezz Playzz
Turtlezz Playzz Month ago
Fryz boxed u
Fryz boxed u Month ago
Jesser rich rich.
Matthew Pourciau
Collab with TJass
Varun Balram
Varun Balram Month ago
DiD i just hear the pillarmen's theme ijdcvhuckvbhdbcvdfv
Shine Evil
Shine Evil Month ago
so trash
Dylan_ haught
Dylan_ haught Month ago
All lives matter
Peyton Glass
Peyton Glass Month ago
This is one my bday
Chrissy Kniffin
Chrissy Kniffin Month ago
I love you guys
William Marocco
William Marocco Month ago
Kris sucks
Ruby Leyshon
Ruby Leyshon 2 months ago
Yo bro I subscribed and liked and turned on the post notafacaitoins
TheSixthHokage 2 months ago
Mitchell plays no defense
Conner Troseth
Conner Troseth 2 months ago
Me with every shot 8:37
Luke Bojaj
Luke Bojaj 2 months ago
Long Kevan Hoang
Long Kevan Hoang 2 months ago
I love kris he is always so positive
N0_N4M3_L055 2 months ago
Kris is my favorite member of 2hype but he kept missing his fades lol
Cool Kid639
Cool Kid639 2 months ago
That is sad when he lost the ninja cup
Henry D o double g
Henry D o double g 2 months ago
Here’s how I see 2hype: a bunch of random guys playing with balls
Joshua Tobiasz
Joshua Tobiasz 2 months ago
Basketball game play with friends and family
Jesse Ingram
Jesse Ingram 2 months ago
Alexis Otero
Alexis Otero 2 months ago
Broodars Fam
Broodars Fam 2 months ago
Go sub to broodars fam
Lina Pigon
Lina Pigon 2 months ago
O nzueo
Mitchel Bristow
Mitchel Bristow 2 months ago
How does this guy have 3 mill they are all so bad at basketball
Carter Jones
Carter Jones 2 months ago
Why y’all bully mopi
William Marocco
William Marocco 2 months ago
U guys suck at basketball
Bekah Parrino
Bekah Parrino 2 months ago
Good job guys🏀⚾️🏈⚽️🏐🏓🏸🏒🏑🏏🎾🏌⛳️🎱🏉
Assasin Ninja
Assasin Ninja 2 months ago
20:00 look how 2k shots no kidding
TheTatertot 3
TheTatertot 3 2 months ago
Mallory Tillman
Mallory Tillman 2 months ago
Yo that was sick
Action Drew
Action Drew 2 months ago
James: can you do a slow move Jesser: going as fast as he can and showing off but then he hits the camera
Steven Batiste
Steven Batiste 2 months ago
20:46 moochie rocked tf out jesser 😭😭😭
Mihovil Rajčić
Mihovil Rajčić 2 months ago
I can't figure out why are you guys so scared of making breakthrough on Kris, I mean for example, I am not so tall and I have friends that are 6'10 and they can't even block me because I'm strong, if someone's taller than you, it doesn't mean that you are weaker.
Dark Assassin
Dark Assassin 2 months ago
I feel bad for moby
Emmett Jakobs
Emmett Jakobs 2 months ago
I m getting it
Chelsea Bonita
Chelsea Bonita 2 months ago
Mopi just running in circles 😂😂😩😩 love himmm he’s so funny
Teagen Hurst
Teagen Hurst 2 months ago
All lives matter
Mason Gregg
Mason Gregg 2 months ago
What was that laugh 😂 20:59
Ayman Abdullaha
Ayman Abdullaha 2 months ago
Not everyone
TTV Wetworks
TTV Wetworks 2 months ago
Insane vid
Márton Papp
Márton Papp 2 months ago
21:52 xdddd
Maitrik P
Maitrik P 2 months ago
Everyone 2-5 dribbles and then shot Jiedel: 2-5 minutes before he shoots
Abyssal Lagiacrus
Abyssal Lagiacrus 2 months ago
When you have to act happy over paw pawtrol
Pumpkinface 29
Pumpkinface 29 2 months ago
Everyone:dribbles around Mopi:YOU CANT BEAT MY SPINS
TNG SW0rds L
TNG SW0rds L 2 months ago
It’s funny how James tried to dribble and they didn’t steal it ,to not bully him 😂😂😂all the times he tried to dribble fast ,was a steal
CW GOAT 2 months ago
Bro who else was laughing when Kris did the challenge when he had to scream " ARE YOU READY " IMA DUNK ON YOUR BITCH ASS ".😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cxrtified QT
Cxrtified QT 2 months ago
Legends say mopi is running till this day
Malachi Chesney
Malachi Chesney 2 months ago
Yo LSK When he had to screen the was funny 😆
HELIOS 2 months ago
I don't trust their background music anymore
Durron Thompson
Durron Thompson 2 months ago
18:37,very funny
Adolfo Rios
Adolfo Rios 2 months ago
Zach finesed my man mopi
OFFICIAL_ANGEL_23 2 months ago
Zach is to spoiled in his own money says the projector is only 720 I cant see the difference between 720 and 1080 looks the fucking same lol
gabriele Saraceno
gabriele Saraceno 2 months ago
i love mopi
Mahir Passi
Mahir Passi 2 months ago
Ur goated
teralana franklin
teralana franklin 2 months ago
Jesser: “You slap your mother with those hands” Mopi: “What!?” Who else also started dying after this 😂
Derpy Derp
Derpy Derp 2 months ago
Didn't think i'd ever see the day where a basketball player is both shorter and younger than me
Becky Scott
Becky Scott 2 months ago
They do basketball for living and still airball
PLANET-Z 2 months ago
Nobody: Jessies editors: *Donck*
Icy2215 !
Icy2215 ! 2 months ago
My respect for them went 📉 because of blm
TheLifeOfWilliam Ballard
20:45 give that guy a map
TheLifeOfWilliam Ballard
give that guy a map
Ralynn Tennon
Ralynn Tennon 3 months ago
GriffyGames 2 months ago
Thats a joke my guy
GriffyGames 2 months ago
Mikey Zuniga
Mikey Zuniga 3 months ago
Do the same thing but with flight
BlueZonexV TW
BlueZonexV TW 3 months ago
ᘔᗩᑕk ᗰᗩᗪe tᕼiᔕ ᐯiᗪeo ᔕo ᖴᑌᑎᑎy
Easton Clements
Easton Clements 3 months ago
POV: when zak got the ninja water bottle mopi 😭😭😭😭 When thay traded 🥳🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩🤩
Nisere Brown
Nisere Brown 3 months ago
7:40 when James hits Mitchell in the forehead 😂😂😂😂😂
Keanu Gibran Al Khayru
Zack age 78 Also zack : Papatrooooooool
Evelyn Perrone
Evelyn Perrone 3 months ago
Nice basketball moves
Jamir McHenry
Jamir McHenry 3 months ago
johnny galanis
johnny galanis 3 months ago
Imagine it said it was liked by Jesser
Momofone_andhalf 3 months ago
Black lives matter
GriffyGames 2 months ago
Blm is a joke
Momofone_andhalf 3 months ago
Black lives matter
GriffyGames 2 months ago
Blm is a joke
Supreme mike yt
Supreme mike yt 3 months ago
Stop mopi abuse
Supreme mike yt
Supreme mike yt 3 months ago
Why is kris trying so hard on mopi lol
Alexander franqueche
Alexander franqueche
GO JESSE!!!!!!!!
INc ON HOTsPOT 3 months ago
U can barley do a layup
Kamini Patel
Kamini Patel 3 months ago
Jiedel and lewis caplidi look alike
Naod Negasi
Naod Negasi 3 months ago
love your vids
DayDay broz
DayDay broz 3 months ago
Zack is the best
CurseSaders 3 months ago
4:45 kyrie double back wannabe
novu 4 months ago
this genuinely one of the worst videos ive ever watched on youtube
EFL Baller
EFL Baller 4 months ago
Me cringing seeing someone Where Kobe’s outside jrodel it’s gonna be OK
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